a material of the past

as someone who once enjoyed hoarding certain materials, I always face this feeling of loss whenever I decide to dispose my belongings. Maybe they are only an old greeting cards sent by one of the childhood friends now I am not sure where she is living at, a piece of paper I cut out from a newspaper for it tells me about an artist I so adore, or even an old piece of cheap rabbit figure from a relative who’s now already gone, however does it mean those have no right to be remembered?

To me, everyone should be empowered keepers of our own history. Each exhibit will not only unravels something unique about a particular person’s history, but also allow us to look at the habits and the traditions we share as people of subcontinent. Discovering personal stories which date back to the partition and still resonating with us sometimes is like a magic. In any case, thinking that the decision I have made today may affect at least to the people so close to me, or the children, the grand children and the great-great ones, I feel magnificent.

Living in a digital era, creating such kind treasury becomes much easier. A digital repository of material and culture of the family through storytelling of antiquity objects, heirlooms and other collectibles could reveal not just a history of the people they once belong to, but also unfolds their generational narratives of customs, tradition, and societies.

Through this post, I was thinking to currate some old antiques, collections, photos or else which were handed down from generation to generation in my family. I still could not grasp how old they are, and the stories behind each are still scattered from ones relative to others. As I do realize my family are seemingly not familiar with well-archived culture, it maybe starts with something seemingly trivial yet keep deep memories of ones life.

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

Author: Lina Kariim

under my pen name, i write.

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